Greetings from Dorrie in a Sunny Chingola!


Greetings from sunny Eden Farm! We have off course lovely sunny day but surprisingly really cold nights!
The new baby, Christian, is doing well, nearly 6 weeks old and taking an interest in his surroundings. It’s hard work looking after a baby’s needs with no hot water on tap and all the washing done by hand but Mich and Bea are really doing a good job sharing the load and trying to get enough sleep!


I’ve already been here a week, it has flown by.
I’m sitting I the truck having returned from a morning session with the Nurture group. The ladies look well and are excited by the new building that is rising before their eyes.

Yesterday Michael introduced the training for the project to go out to the community under government guidelines to identify children at risk. As well as helping collate this vital information the ladies are also visiting the clinic at the hospital talking to newly diagnosed HIV+ patients.

IMG_1364The new statistics for the Chingola area mean that there are over 48,000 people with HIV+ status. This is a shocking growth and accounted for mainly in the younger generation. Prayer is really needed that education can reach the vulnerable in a meaningful way to stop this appalling increase.

On the farm the groundnuts and the maize have been harvested. The bush fires began at the weekend so we are happy to have got all the maize in from the furthest fields.¬†The children helped with the last of the groundnuts on Saturday and although it is quite arduous work they were cheerful and laughing together as they worked.¬†Right now the farmworker are busy ‘grating’ the maize cobs to remove the kernels for storage.

The electrician came for a day on Saturday for work on the lodge and the interior painting is progressing well.

Yesterday Michael and I delivered the wheelchair kindly donated by STOP AND LOVE (thank you Olivia) to Catherine. You cannot imagine the pure delight of the whole family when we arrived and said why we were there. It was so moving to see the excitement and to imagine what a huge difference the gift was going to make to Catherine and the family. When we left Catherine and her sisters had already set out laughing and giggling on an adventure down the road which was bringing neighbours and friends out to see this extraordinary happening.


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