Life Support began in 2007 with a visit to Eden Farm, Chingola in the Copper Belt of Zambia.  Moved by the desperate situation of people living in abject poverty, members of the visiting team committed themselves to supporting a project working with street children in Ndola and to raise funds for the building of a school for vulnerable children in Chingola.

As this group began to look into the needs of Zambia they were shocked to discover the depths of poverty that many of the Zambian people live in and how the HIV epidemic had left so many orphaned children in it’s wake. According to UNAIDS in 2011 there were around 680,000 orphaned children in Zambia due to HIV.

In December 2008 Eden Farm was donated to Life Support for the purpose of building a children’s village for orphaned and vulnerable children. The Farm has the potential to home over 250 children.

Our Charitable Aims

1. Provision of housing and security
To avail local products and employ local labour to build safe, clean and family friendly homes.

2. Provision of food and clothing to people in poverty
To advance the consumption of nutritious meals and health programmes and ensure adequate clothing.

3. Provision of medical care to people who are sick
To reduce sickness within the communities through good medical services, access to appropriate medication, treatment for mental health needs, emotional support and counselling.

4. Provision of education and training
To advance the education of children and the vocational training of adults through the provision of facilities for education and training in the under developed nations – this includes facilitating nurseries, primary, secondary schools, life skills workshops and training in business and agricultural skills.

5. Empowering individuals and communities to live independent of aid
To assist with the establishing of self sustaining projects / enterprises