Giving the orphan a home

Eden Farm

Childrens Village and Farm in Chingola, Zambia

Eden Farm
Eden Farm, formally owned by Ben and Brenda Pitout, was set up to train local Zambians in farm management and the development of self sufficiency skills. In 2002, a small group led by Nathanael Edwards (Life Support Director) travelled over to Zambia from the UK to assist the Pitouts in the building of a dam that would supply the farm with water.  In 2007, Nathanael Edwards along with like minded friends established Life Support with a vision to support orphans and widows. Following the retirement of Ben and Brenda, the farm was donated to Nathanael for the purposes of building Eden Farm Children’s Village.

Our vision is a Children’s Village with a loving, hopeful atmosphere where children are brought up knowing they are precious. Each child lives in a family of 6 to 8 children with one widow ‘Mother’ to look after them. There is a school on the land for the Eden Farm children as well as children from the local comunity.  Our long turm plan is that Eden Farm Children’s Village will be completely financially self sufficient. The farm will produces fruit, veg, eggs, fish and meat for the whole farm community as well as selling produce to local markets and supermarkets.
At the moment we are focused on bringing the farm back to full working order; providing housing for key workers and restoring the irrigation system. In 2010 we completed work on the first children’s home and in 2014 we completed work on the second children’s home. These are in the picture at the top of the page. The first two houses have been named, one being the ‘Pitout House’ – the yellow house with a green roof, after Ben and Brenda who gave the farm to Nathanael and Life Support, the second house has been name ‘Verheul house’ following long and generous support by Peter and Liz. In 2017 we compleated work on our third and fourth children’s homes.   Building work will continue until eight homes (our first cluster of homes) is complete.


Finished in 2015 The Lodge (above) is a accommodation centre for visiting teams of volunteers and camps, it has male and female dorms, washing facilities as well as a large communal space. We have  showers! flushing loos! Generator linked to lights in all  rooms and sockets for charging phones. The communal space includes lounge area, kitchen table and chairs and kitchen area, as well as two dorms there are three double bedroom for leaders with en-suite bathrooms.

Long term there is potential to build 4 clusters of homes which could house up to 252 children and 32 house mothers. The farm has sufficient land to provide playing fields for the children as well as large gardens to be enjoyed by the farm community. Our long term goal is to create a self sufficient project where the whole village is fed and supported by the farm.
In 2017 we built our village hall. This hall is used  to host conferences and camps at Eden Farm as well as being used for our school assemblies and indoor play area.

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Ok, so Google doesn’t keep the pictures up to date, however it is great to see where the farm is on Google Maps! you can see the colour roofs of the children’s houses!

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