Raise some money


At Life Support we arrange a number of fundraisers throughout the year but we can’t do it all on our own and we really appreciate our supporters getting involved and arranging fundraisers for their local community. If you would like to run a fundraiser but are stuck for ideas keep reading!

Fundraising Ideas

Afternoon Tea Party

These afternoon fundraisers always go down well, everyone loves tea and cake! Get lots of people to make cakes and bring them along. You can either charge people an entry fee and then allow them to help themselves to as much tea, coffee and cake as they like, or we have also found just asking for donations for the tea, coffee and cake to work really well too.

Host an African Meal

Invite a few friends around for an African meal, maybe get them to dress up, make it a really special evening and we have known people to charge between £15 and £50 for the evening depending what is on offer! Lots of fun and a great way to raise funds for the work of Life Support.

Sports Event

  • Let’s Run – Fancy running a 10k, half marathon or if you’re really brave run the marathon!
  • Football Tournament – A great way for getting support of lots of people and also introducing people to the work of Life Support.

Quiz Night

Quiz nights always prove popular and we have found you can charge between £10 and £15 per head. Offer a meal of some sort (curry, fish n chips, ploughman), get someone to do a presentation half way through and raise the funds a bit more with a raffle!

At any event remember …

  • Have literature about Life Support and our projects available for people to read and take away. Send us an email and we can email this over to you.
  • We can usually provide some merchandise from Zambia if you would like to sell this at the event, we might need you to collect it from us though.