Helping to relieve Poverty

Kings Table

DSCF1079Under the banner of ‘Kings Table’ Life Support seeks to care for individuals in need by helping with the provision of housing, food and Scholarships to orphaned and vulnerable children living in the communities around Eden farm. The project began when Life Support became aware of a disabled girl that was being severally neglected by her family who were not providing basic care and verbally abusing her. Life Support were able to rescue her from a tragic situation and she now lives in a home owned by Life Support with a full time carer.   DSCF1074 - Version 2

The project provides short term relief for families in need and sponsors a number of orphaned children living with extended family.

Through King’s Table, Life Support have been able to provide wheel chairs, cooking supplies and bedding to those in need.

In 2017 Life Support began caring for Bupe a young man with Learning Dificalties, through this project, Bupe has now been given a home and ongoing care, bringing to an end his life on the streets.